Crow Hill, Marsden. The Wedding of Zack and Sarah

Our first Wedding at Cow Hill for the Wedding of Zack and Sarah. We first met Sarah and Zack two years ago at the wedding of Sarah’s sister Heather,  Sarah had designed and made the bridesmaids dresses, which were so unusual and already we had an impression of just how artistic and creative she was. When Zack contacted us just over a year ago to tell us they had set the date and already he was sharing so many lovely ideas with us, we were already getting excited about their Wedding and looking forward  to see so many  familiar faces. Sarah is a fashion designer for and Zack’s parents own, so with that combination at the cutting edge of fashion, their wedding certainly wasn’t short of ideas we hadn’t seen before. Zack had hes own ideas when it came to “something blue”, he had sent Sarah a Manchester City badge! The morning of the Wedding, the boys went for a spin in an Aston Martin before heading off to their favourite cafe for breakfast, a place they visit every match day before heading off for the Etihad Stadium.  Sarah had a very relaxed but eventful morning, in the home she grew up in. She even managed to climb the wall at the back the house and go for a walk in the fields with the Bridesmaids. – you just couldn’t get a more chilled Bride and Bridesmaids. We have never photographed a Wedding at St. Bartholomew’s, such a picturesque church and Rev Garside was so photographer friendly. It was our first Wedding at Crow Hill, too, the perfect location for Zack and Sarah.- Camper van, bunting and a marquee decorated with a vintage twist was just so lovely and very personal. Speeches were great and the guests couldnt wait to get on the dancefloor in the evening. however, i think the highlight of the evening was when Helen, Sarah’s mum introduced Zack and Sarah into the room – Sarah had changed into her Grandma’s wedding dress which was 60 years old. The look on Grandma Betty’s face was priceless and there was not a dry eye in the marquee…. For further information on our wedding photography at Crow Hill please call us on 07910 621134.


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