West Tower wedding of Dylan & Debbie

Dylan and Debbie have a beautiful little family and their children were very much a big part of their wedding day. It took them just nine months to prepare for their wedding and in the midst of the wedding plans, they moved home too. Bride and groom preparations were very close, so we had to carefully plan the times to ensure Dylan and Debbie did cross paths on the way to West Tower Hotel. Debbie’s Dad drove us to West Tower, in Aughton, Lancashire – very scenic route that I hadn’t been before. We arrived in plenty of time for the final parts of the preparations to take place in the bridal suite. Dylan and the cutest and youngest best man we have seen, arrived shortly after (Louie is only 7 years old) The service was very emotional, and there was not a dry eye amongst the guests as everybody was so emotional, sharing such happy times with Dylan and Debbie.  West Tower  was the perfect choice of  venue for the couple, children was much a part of their wedding and with its sole exclusivity. Seeing so many familiar faces and knowing how they like to party, combined with expertise of Steve Mitchell meant the evening was going to be a night to remember for everyone. On with the pictures.



  1. Bob and Paula,

    Where do we start? Your professionalism and personal interaction with your clients is exceptional and cannot really be put into words, the quality of your work and your attitude to the job that you do is naturally heartfealt and that comes across in your management of the day that you have been entrusted to depict in the photographs that you take.

    Formalities over…. you both love what you do and clearly take a very personal responsibility in ensuring that your clients are made to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. You go beyond the roles of photographer not only putting your ‘clients’ at ease but also helping out, offering encouragement and mingling into the crazy, hazy theme that is the wedding day.

    To gain not only the respect and love of the couple who have chosen you as their photographers, but the whole of the wedding party speaks volumes. I cannot praise or recommend you enough.

    Soppiness…. two of the most beasutiful, sensitive compatible people we have ever had the pleasure to meet who without doubt made our day the fantastic day that it was. We love you both (you know this ..friends for life)

    Debbie, Dylan, Louie, Lilia and Albie xxxx

  2. Paula and Bob, words cant express how special you both made our day…you know that. We love you both you are so good and so professional at what you do but furthermore you are the most amazing people and take such a personal interest in your clients and their day and have such a genuine enthusiasm in ensuring everything goes to plan. We love you and cannot recommend you both enough x x Debbie and Dylan xxxxx Louie, Lilia and Albie xxxxxx

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