West Tower Wedding of David and Carly

From first meeting David and Carly, we knew their Wedding day was going to be the most emotional, atmospheric day you could imagine. They are definitely spontaneous people who openly express their love and appreciation. The day began at West Tower for both David and Carly – David with the boys and his gorgeous son, Jacob,   Carly with her crazy bridesmaids who were always full of mischief. (lol) – When Carly’s dad’s best friend arrived at the bridal suite, ready to escort Carly down the aisle, you couldn’t have seen a more proud man or a more emotional moment. Lots of white feathers were scattered around West Tower and later on a special balloon release in memory of Carly’s gorgeous dad. West Tower was just perfect for their Wedding, little Jacob and his cousins could safely play in the gardens whilst the guests were treated to canapés, surround by the breathtaking backdrop of the gorgeous countryside. 3 great speeches, followed by an impromptu  speech by one of Carly’s bridesmaids. A bollywood entrance to the first dance – which surprised all the guests – can’t think why because David and Carly are always full of surprises! Lots of moments for the capturing –  spontaneous, emotional and just magical. Well here is just a small collection of our favourites.

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