West Tower Wedding – Mark and Tara

It was a glorious Friday morning as we arrived at Tara’s parents home – with the soaring temperatures and a garden/outdoor bar, it somehow felt more like abroad than Formby. Most definitely the best garden in Merseyside. Tara is very active in Our Ladies of Compassion and we have met up withFather Higham a few times recently, he is such a character with an infectious personality who  kept to his promise of  looking after us on the day.He sure made it very relaxed, but not sure he was quite prepared for the flower girl sprinting down the aisle with the chalice! It was so gorgeous to see him marry Mark and Tara, as Tara is very supportive in the church. There were lots of people watching at the church, who took time out to witness the Wedding. When we first met Mark and Tara, they were quite shy and Mark particularly was reserved about been photographed and it was so important on their list of priorities, they chose the right Wedding photographers for them.  Shortly after when Marks called, we were in Bruges at the time and I remember thinking WOW- if we were to get the call I would have expected it to be from Tara.  Definitely some compliment.. They already had  set ideas and plans in motion for a rustic theme and quickly their plans came together and I was chatting to Tara quite regularly. Tara’s dad surprised everyone as he broke from tradition when it came to his speech – he sang to Tara, and all the guests joined in. At West Tower they had arranged a java train for all the guests – proud to say it definitely got messy as Tara showed just how competitive she is!. We then went for a wander around the gardens, keeping with the rustic theme for some relaxed, environmental  portraits, with backdrops to compliment.  Lots of dancing followed their first dance, Tara’s dad definitely likes the dance floor. West Tower had everything Mark and Tara had hoped for,  beautiful setting, outstanding views and amazing food. As West Tower Wedding Photographer’s, our brides and groom’s all have different personalities, but all with the same plans. They want the best day ever, a very relaxed atmosphere, captivating, timeless images, v all packed with emotions. Here is just a small selection of images to share from Mark and Tara’s day.

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