Wes and Kathy at St. Chad’s Church.

From the first time we meet Kathy and her mum they left a lasting impression. Kathy has got the most bubbly character and always manages to make us smile. We met Wes shortly after and with his wicked sense of humour they make such a lovely couple. The journey over the last 18 months with them has been such a pleasure and a very eventful one. Planning a Wedding, moving into their new home and the arrival of baby Alfie. The remained so chilled through it all. We made a promise to Wes that Kathy would not be late at the church on the day of the Wedding -and she was.  {I think she would have been early if she could have.) Its easy to see where they both get their personality and good nature from as both families and all the friends were so so friendly – felt like we have known them forever as they made us so so welcome. On with the pics.