Weddings at West Tower Aughton

Photography at the West Tower Manor House

Weddings at West Tower Manor House are always great, but we are biased as we think this is a superb venue. I think many people would agree, that West Tower Manor House is simply stunning. Any day of the week at any time of year. If you’re looking for a photographer who knows the venue and how to get the best out of what it has to offer, we do! Our photography is creative in style, but documentary in our approach.
We go a little deeper than the traditional wedding photographer and capture emotions, relationships and moments. These moments are the essence of every wedding and what makes every wedding unique. Alan and Steph, started their wedding day by having the ceremony in the ‘Ballroom’ of the West Tower.

West Tower Manor House Wedding Photographer

We have been to West Tower Manor House, as wedding photographers many times over the years. Every time there is something different, the lighting changes, the weather changes, the seasons change. Each time we have managed to create something different for our couple.
The possibilities for photography at any point of the compass are endless and change with the seasons and the weather. The view west over the fields towards Formby and the sea beyond, can be a great backdrop on a clear day. With a sunset, the view is a spectacular! Looking back east towards the building and grounds, there’s plenty of space for throwing confetti and the trees provide shade which is great for photos on really sunny days.
There are many locations at West Tower Manor House – enabling the photographer to get those group photos of family, bridesmaids and ushers both indoors and out. The steps to the building provide a ready made setting for a full group photo and there’s enough paving for those who aren’t keen on standing on the grass.

Evening Celebrations.  

West Tower can accommodate over 150 people, the magnificent ballroom with steps leading in, is a superb photo opportunity as the couple enter for their first dance! The evening is a really exciting time, where great photos are taken. Both Alan and Steph and all their guest were up dancing to the music and having a fantastic time.

What a wonderful and special wedding to be part of, and a total joy to capture all the memories for the newlywed couple. We can’t wait to return again soon for another wedding to photograph. Big thank you to Steph, Sue and all the team at West Tower Manor House.

The video gallery below is just a small selection of our photographs from West Tower, of their day. If you like what you see please get in touch and we can have a chat about your wedding. Our mobile phone is 07910621134.

Alan+Steph – Wedding from Bob Skalycz on Vimeo.

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