Wedding at West Tower – Ste and Rachel

Ste and Rachel chose to get married on a Monday, at West Tower. As mid week weddings are becoming more popular and Rachel and lots of her friends are teachers, a Monday at the start of the school holidays was just perfect.  A gorgeous spring morning as Rachel and the girls arrived at West Tower, which stayed with us the whole day and night too. Every Wedding tells a different story to us and every wedding day is unique in every way,.packed with atmosphere and filled with magical moments. Most definitely one of the largest bridal party’s ever who definitely now how to party and 2 gorgeous flower girls,( one of the little girls is the daughter of Kev and Anna, our bride and groom from a couple of years ago.) It was great to catch up with them too.The vows, Ste definitely kept the registrar on his toes. The speeches- Ste’s dad provided temporary beards for the guys.. (not so temporary for Ste, as he found out when he tried to remove it) The girls-  definitely full of fun, even late into the evening, on the steps at West Tower. Just a few of the many highlights of a magical day. Great working with Steve Mitchell again and special thanks to the amazing staff at West Tower.


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