Ste and Amina ~ All Saints, Liverpool and West Tower.

Yesterday a beautiful card arrived.. “To Paula and Bob, Thank you for being such a lovely part of our special day. Paula you were such a help and so fab to have around all day, I am especially grateful for the organisation of the help with my dress. You really did keep me calm. Bob you have fans forever in my mum and bridesmaids they loved the fun of the pictures. You are not only great at what you do but you are two lovely people. Love Ste and Amina” It goes without saying, Ste and Amina are two of the nicest and sincere people you could meet, as anyone who has met them can help but mention how caring they are. They have spent the last 12 months creating such a perfect Wedding – perfect for all the guests, as lots of thought went into how the day would be right for the guests. Ste got ready at home and then onto his mums, whilst all the girls were treated to a night of luxury at hotel in Liverpool. The colours of their wedding theme were just spectacular, and totally reflects their personalities – colourful as you will see in the pictures. – this has got to be a first for a groom dancing down the aisle for us. Steve and Amina had chosen West Tower  for their wedding, our good friend Laurie to dress West Tower  and Steve for their evening entertainment. A perfect day in every day. On with the pictures. ChoBoo_01 ChoBoo_02 ChoBoo_03 ChoBoo_04 ChoBoo_05 ChoBoo_06 ChoBoo_07 ChoBoo_08 ChoBoo_09 ChoBoo_10 ChoBoo_11 ChoBoo_12 ChoBoo_13 ChoBoo_14 ChoBoo_15 ChoBoo_16 ChoBoo_17 ChoBoo_18 ChoBoo_19 ChoBoo_20 ChoBoo_21 ChoBoo_22 ChoBoo_23 ChoBoo_24 ChoBoo_25 ChoBoo_27 ChoBoo_26 ChoBoo_28 ChoBoo_29 ChoBoo_30 ChoBoo_31 ChoBoo_32 ChoBoo_33 ChoBoo_34 ChoBoo_35 ChoBoo_36 ChoBoo_37 ChoBoo_38 ChoBoo_39 ChoBoo_40 ChoBoo_41 ChoBoo_42 ChoBoo_43 ChoBoo_44 ChoBoo_45 ChoBoo_46 ChoBoo_47 ChoBoo_48 ChoBoo_49 ChoBoo_50 ChoBoo_51 ChoBoo_52 ChoBoo_53 ChoBoo_54 ChoBoo_55