Ray and Chez ~ Thornton Hall

This day was a long time in the planning and it was so lovely to be involved in the preparations from such an early stage, of our very good friends, Ray and Chez. – So didnt want to know any of the details of Chez’s dress  – (we wanted some surprises on the day.)  but poor Ray never got off so lightly!!  Well all we can say is it was well worth waiting for as Chez looked so radiant and Ray looked so handsome in his suit  lol. Our other friends Heather and Jane from Flower Fashion www.flowerfashion.co.uk did an amazing job with the flowers – and we so loved the little touches like the herbs that left a lasting aroma throughout the church. It was also lovely to work with Andrea from fabulous days again – www.fabulousday.co.uk  We had reccommended Steve Mitchell to Ray and Chez – he is definately the best D.J. we have seen in action –  after photographing over 700 now,  he certainly must have made a lasting impression on us.- he really did make it a night to remember.www.steve-mitchell.co.uk I deliberately havent posted any picks of the stationery. Chez is the owner of Pink Sherbet Designs www.pinksherbetdesigns.co.uk and had created the most amazing of stationery that I will let her share with everyone on her own site. Well we so want to post the picks so just one thing left to say. It was the best of days for the best of friends.

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