Jamie & Debbie – Easter Sunday Wedding at Formby Hall


Jamie and Debbie’s Wedding was very much about Jamie, Debbie, and their 3 beautiful daughters- who are all so different but equally as beautiful, –  from readings throughout the Wedding service, saying grace before the wedding breakfast, to performing live at their first dance – full of confidence and beaming with pride as they each played a big part in making this Wedding happen and their very proud parents . – Their Wedding celebration was the most chilled of atmospheres, and surrounded by lots of love from all their family and the many friends they invited too, wrapped in an array of colour (well Debbie did give free reign to our good friend Laurie) – can’t think of anything more a couple would need at their Wedding.






  1. Thank you so much again Paula and Bob. It was such a fantastic day and you’ve captured it all amazingly! Can’t watch without shedding a little tear. Although it hasn’t stopped me must be on about 20 views already! Xxx

  2. Looks like everybody really enjoyed the wedding. a picture speaks a thousand words and there are so many on this blog. Thanks for sharing

  3. Love the laughter and the look of enjoyment on everyone’s faces. The spirit of the wedding day comes across beautifully in all of the images. The Best

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